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In Conversation is a webinar series undertaken once a month to keep the South Australian tourism industry and stakeholders engaged and informed, particularly as we make our way through the recovery from COVID-19.


With 20 years’ experience in the tourism industry, Paul Brown has overcome significant challenges and understands first-hand how hard it can be to maintain your mental well-being during periods of extreme stress and uncertainty.

On R U Okay? Day 2021, Paul shares this personal business journey of hardship, providing advice and takeaways on how he made it through his darkest days, what he learned along the way, and how he uses his experiences today to help other small businesses as a Business Counsellor with Rural Business Support.


Shop Local SA is an online sales platform equipped with easy-to-use systems and built-in marketing support. Shop Local SA provides a road map for businesses to embrace e-commerce, stay visible online and connect with customers.

Manager of Sales and Marketing, Amanda Bridge will teach you about e-commerce, how to appeal to more customers, how to optimise your limited resources, and how to gain more traction in the market.

RevenYou specialises in revenue and yield management, distribution audits, action plans, business reviews, training, advice and support. They have the resources to help you launch effectively, drive revenue, sell confidently, stay ahead and reduce risk. 

Founder and CEO, Tamie Matthews discusses system optimisation and how to make your business simpler and more profitable.

There are 40 Accredited Visitor Information Centres (VICs) across the state. VICs are a great source of information and inspiration, providing visitors with quality service and reliable insight on what experiences and products are on offer in the region.

For tourism businesses, your local visitor centre can also provide critical on-ground marketing opportunities and support through networking and advice.

Andy Glen, Chair of the South Australian Visitor Information Centre Network discusses how you can better utilise and leverage visitor centres as part of your marketing channels to increase visibility and drive demand.

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