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TiCSA is a not-for-profit organisation with over 1000 members. Established in 2009, TiCSA is the peak body for South Australia’s tourism industry and has two primary objectives – advocacy and business development.

Members have access to networking events, training workshops and business development programs.

As the voice of tourism, we advocate on behalf of our members to create a unified voice on the issues and opportunities facing the industry.

Members also receive the latest industry news and connections to other tourism professionals.


Leading and developing the South Australian tourism industry.


A strong and valued industry body advocating for, engaging with and strengthening tourism businesses to grow the visitor economy.



Join our 1000+ members across all sectors and regions of South Australia.

Business GROWTH

Our industry programs support business development.


We advocate on behalf of industry to create a credible and unified voice.


Our industry events provide opportunities to learn and network.


Shaun de Bruyn

Chief Executive Officer

Cathy Ramsey

Cathy Ramsey

Partnerships Manager


Christina Belperio Headshot

Christina Belperio

Programs and Policy Manager

Lauren Schroeder

Lauren Schroeder

Industry Development & Membership Coordinator

Lauren Schroeder

Finn Vanderzalm

Events Coordinator

Lauren Schroeder

Rebecca Uphill

Industry Programs Coordinator

Lauren Schroeder

Georgia Nicholls

Communications Coordinator

Lauren Schroeder

Lucas Mantas

Accreditation & Communications Officer


Eoin (Owen) Loftus

Chief Executive Officer
Majestic Hotels

Felicity Brown

Chief Pilot & Owner
Chinta Air

Lisa Anderson

Manager Tourism & Hospitality

Traci Ayris

Vislex Media

Craig Costello

Costello Hotels

Siggi Frede

Managing Director

Penny Gale


Justyna Jochym headshot

Justyna Jochym

Chief Executive Officer
Festivals Adelaide


We support local TAFE and university students through our ongoing Industry Placement Program. This program helps us to successfully deliver our programs and events. Students also have the opportunity to assist with tasks related to administration and communications.

Undertaking an industry placement with TiCSA provides a great opportunity to gain practical experience, grow your tourism knowledge and industry connections.

For more information and to express your interest, email  


What does TiCSA do?

TiCSA delivers networking events, training workshops and business development programs.

We advocate on behalf of our 1000+ members to create a unified voice on the issues and opportunities facing the industry.

Members also have access to the latest industry news, information and advice, as well as connections to other tourism professionals.

Is TiCSA a government organisation?
No, TiCSA is an independent, not-for-profit organisation. We are 100% owned and operated by our members.
Is TiCSA different to the SA Tourism Commission (SATC)?
Yes, the SATC is a commission set up by the Government of South Australia. Their focus is on promoting South Australia as a leading tourism destination to intrastate, interstate and international audiences.

TiCSA is an independent body. We work one-on-one with South Australian tourism businesses to support their business development.

Is TiCSA Government funded?

TiCSA receives partial funding from the Government of South Australia through the South Australian Tourism Commission to support some of our programs and events, such as our annual tourism conference, tourism awards and ServiceIQ program.

We are self-funded through our membership and partnership/sponsorship model.

How can my business get involved?

Your tourism business can get involved by joining the TiCSA community as either a member or partner/sponsor.

The level of membership is based on the amount of full-time equivalent employees within your business.

Registering for membership can be done easily through our online platform

How do I become Accredited?

TiCSA membership includes free access to the Quality Tourism Accredited Business Program, which forms part of the Quality Tourism Framework. Your registration and application are to be completed online.

Once your application has been reviewed and completed to a satisfactory level, you will receive acknowledgment of your Accreditation.

Accreditation does not apply for the ‘Supporter of Tourism’ or ‘Student/Young Tourism Professional’ membership levels.

Do I need to be an established business to become a member?
No, we have had quite a few businesses join with us in the early stages of their business development journey.

We can assist with providing useful resources, training and connections to help you along your tourism journey.

Why am I receiving communications from TiCSA?

You are receiving communications from TiCSA because you joined the TiCSA community as either a member or partner/sponsor.

Alternatively, you have connected with us through one of our programs and or events

You can unsubscribe or update your preferences at any time. For further information, contact

Can you promote my business?

By registering as a member or partner/sponsor, we will promote your business in our e-communications and across our social media channels.

You will also have the opportunity to use our communication platforms to share any events, opportunities, achievements and news with other TiCSA members.

Will I have access to all TiCSA Members?

TiCSA’s Member Directory is a locked page for member and sponsor access. The directory provides an opportunity for members / sponsors to connect and establish opportunities.

Visibility on the directory is at the discretion of the business, therefore not all members and their contact details will be available.