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The Art of Tourism

Arts & Cultural Tourism Business Capability Program

TiCSA, in partnership with Arts South Australia, are proud to deliver our inaugural Arts & Cultural Tourism Business Capability Program (the Program) starting in 2022.

This pilot program aims to support arts and cultural businesses to develop their tourism capabilities and build new connections and collaborations within South Australia’s tourism industry.

With a carefully curated pathway through business development opportunities and support, the Program strives to support the arts and cultural sector to create, promote and deliver visitor experiences that reflect and celebrate the State’s cultural identity.

The full pilot Program requires a commitment over an 18-month period for the 10 businesses selected.

Do you want to be a part of this exciting pilot program? Read on for more details below and click the Express your Interest button.


Networking Event

Workshop Series



Networking Event

Spark connections, conversations, and collaboration

Tuesday, June 21 2022 | Artists, arts & cultural businesses and tourism operators

The first step of the program pathway was a networking event on Tuesday, 21 June, 2022.

Bringing together arts and cultural businesses, artists, and tourism operators, the event sparked connections, conversations, and collaboration between the sectors.

Operators were  matched to foster new collaborative and commercial relationships in our version of a ‘speed dating’ session.


Workshop Series

Curated workshops to grow your understanding of tourism

August – September 2022 | Up to 30 businesses

Following the networking event, a series of workshops will be held for arts and cultural businesses that want to enhance the tourism aspects of their operations.

Workshop topics will include:

  • Tourism 101 – The language of tourism and an introduction to developing tourism products and businesses
  • Getting to market – pricing and distribution in the tourism industry
  • Securing customers and sales – marketing, social media strategies and tools to drive bookings and customers

 More information on these workshops will be released soon.


One-on-one with tourism industry experts

October – November, 2022 | Up to 10 businesses

After completing the Workshop Series, a cohort of 10 arts and cultural businesses will be selected to participate in one-on-one mentoring with a tourism industry professional. This will assist the businesses to build their capability to work in and with the tourism industry, based on the training they require.

Quality Tourism Accreditation

Becoming a recognised high-quality operator

October – December, 2022 | Up to 10 businesses

Through one-on-one support, TiCSA will guide businesses to become Quality Tourism Accredited Businesses – a national program which helps operators to put in place the right policies and procedures and build their confidence as strong tourism business managers. Accredited businesses are recognised as professional, ethical and reliable operators. The first year’s annual fee will be subsidised through the Program.

South Australian Tourism Awards

Award-winning on a State, and National, scale

March – August, 2023 | Up to 10 businesses

Dedicated support activities, information and communication from TiCSA will guide the businesses through entering the annual South Australian Tourism Awards. The South Australian Tourism Awards program helps reflect on business goals and achievements, and identify opportunities for growth and development in the future. Entry fee will also be subsidised through the Program.