The importance of identifying, and implementing, the ‘one-percenters’ in your business.


Irrespective of the size of your business, do you often find yourself so immersed working within the business that you do not physically have the time to take a step back and work on your business.

The attraction of identifying the one ‘big idea’ to implement within our business to achieve immediate success is frequently the pathway that many owners choose to take and, whilst it can have the desired outcome – more frequently than not, it can be establishing unrealistic objectives on yourself, your team and ultimately your business.

Often a business does not need to undertake substantial change, or reinvent themselves to see revenue growth and increased profitability over time. Frequently, it is about identifying, and implementing, incremental improvements – the ‘one-percenters’ – across your business that can contribute to more sustained, and positive change whilst reinforcing your business’s foundations from which it can continue to grow and evolve.

At RevenYou, we know that no two businesses are alike and we bring our extensive industry knowledge and expertise to work with you to discover those ‘one-percenters,’ whilst developing tailored solutions that will assist in delivering your desired outcomes.

  • Revenue Management: review and provide recommendations on your pricing matrix – recognising the importance of profitability in all decision-making.
  • Sales Management: become an extension of your sales team to assist in the growth of your client base.
  • Marketing Management: develop strategies to assist in increasing your direct bookings – ensuring your website and social media channels are presenting engaging, relevant content and offers – growing the relationship with your future guests as they plan their next stay with you.
  • Rev Masterclasses: provide professional development opportunities to your team that will empower them to continue to grow and make positive contributions to your business.
  • Distribution Audit & Action Plan: review your online sales presence and provide recommendations on what you are doing well and what you could be doing better.

At RevenYou, we offer flexibility in how we partner with your business to find the ‘one-percenters’ – whether it is a one-off project, delivering a series of customised training and mentoring classes, or working on an ongoing retainer – you can select what works best for your business.


“We do more than give advice – we ensure that we leave behind something of value for each client. We endeavour to make long lasting, profitable change through the delivery of tailored, unique solutions that we implement and teach you to maintain.”

Tamie Matthews

Founder & CEO, RevenYou

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