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quality tourism framework / EcoStar Accreditation

EcoStar Accreditation

EcoStar Accreditation is for businesses that demonstrate a high level of responsible environmental management, above the standard Quality Tourism Accreditation requirements. The EcoStar module assists operators in achieving environmental sustainability and best-practice environmental management.

EcoStar is an additional accreditation module as part of the Quality Tourism Framework.

Why should I be EcoStar Accredited?

  • Access resources and templates to help develop and reach environmental sustainability goals
  • Demonstrate your commitment to environmental sustainability and cultural practices
  • Reference EcoStar accreditation in grant applications and awards submissions
  • Use and display the EcoStar Accredited brandmarks, showing guests that you are committed to best-practice environmental management

How do I become EcoStar Accredited?

EcoStar is an additional module of the Quality Tourism Framework, and businesses must first be Quality Tourism Accredited.

The program assesses business practices, policies and procedures relating to:

  • Sustainable resource use
  • Natural environment protection
  • Built environment performance
  • Environmentally responsible behaviour
  • Working with local and indigenous communities
  • Promotion of environmental and social understanding

EcoStar Accreditation is $100.00 (excl GST) per annum for all Quality Tourism Accredited Businesses, in addition to the annual TiCSA membership costs. 

EcoStar Accreditation forms part of the Quality Tourism Framework (QTF). The QTF is a business pathway to support the continuous growth and development of Australian tourism businesses.