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Accessible Tourism Accreditation

Accessible Tourism Accreditation supports businesses to assess, develop and improve their experiences and facilities so that everybody can enjoy what South Australia has to offer.

Making the industry more accessible benefits everyone. More people can enjoy the opportunity to travel, the tourism industry welcomes more visitors and new markets, and visitor experiences are enhanced for all. 

Self-Assessment Module

Accessible Tourism Accreditation takes businesses through a comprehensive self-assessment module that evaluates their accessibility provisions across five disability categories:

  • Limited mobility
  • Wheelchairs & scooters
  • Low vision
  • Low hearing
  • Cognitive impairments & autism

After completing the self-assessment, a business receives two useful reports:

1. A detailed accessibility guide to communicate key accessibility information to potential guests. Businesses can use this guide on their website, on social media, in information booklets, and in guide books.

2. An internal report designed to help identify areas for further development. This report shows which accessibility provisions are necessary for different disability categories.

An accessibility accreditation logo is awarded in the categories where all essential criteria are met, and can be used in your marketing, communications and onsite. You may not receive an accessibility accreditation logo at first, but the self-assessment is designed to support development and improvement in your business. 


Enrolment into the Accessible Tourism Accreditation module is $100 + GST per annum for  Quality Tourism Accredited Businesses, on top of their annual TiCSA membership fee.

Businesses must undergo Quality Tourism Accreditation before registering for the Accessible Tourism Accreditation. 

Accessible Tourism Accreditation forms part of the Quality Tourism Framework (QTF). QTF combines Tourism Accreditation, Star Ratings and the Australian Tourism Awards programs into a single pathway for business development.