TOURISM BLOG / five tips for filming videos


Videos are integral to showcasing your tourism business to the world. Benno Thiel, Producer at Frankie Films has prepared these five tips for filming videos.

Use your resources

1. You do not need a brand-new camera to create great videos. The cameras on modern mobiles phones are high quality and can produce fantastic results. Not only can they film videos, but they can do a host of other exciting techniques, such as time-lapse and slow motion.

Lighting is everything

2. Good lighting can take a video from good to amazing. If you are filming outdoors, we recommend filming during ‘golden hour’. Golden hour is the first hour after sunrise and the last hour of light before sunset. Avoid filming with the sun or a bright light behind you. The sun / light will make it difficult for the viewer to see you. Try flipping it and filming with the sun in front of you, this will brighten the image and is much more flattering.

Good sound

3. Bad sound or hard-to-hear audio can ruin a great video. Try and get as close to the camera as possible – the closer you are to the microphone, the better the sound will be. Consider investing in a Rode SmartLav, a small microphone that plugs into your phone and clips onto your collar. This will produce much better sound.

Make it personal

4. Audiences respond well to passion and real stories. Engage your audience by talking about yourself or a part of the business that is particularly exciting to you.

Short and sharp

5. Try to keep your videos short. We recommend between 30 to 60 seconds. It is much easier to engage your audience over five sixty-second videos than one five-minute video.

Frankie Films is a proud partner of TiCSA. They create promo videos, short documentaries, motion graphics, animation and everything in between. They are always proud of their work and won’t stop until everyone is happy! The team at Frankie Films love to talk video production, so let them know if you have any questions. They will help tell your story!