Established in 1909 as an exclusive gentleman’s club, the award-winning Renmark Club is now recognised as the focal point for the local community, employing up to 50 locals.

The Club utilises its unique riverfront location to offer year-round dining, functions and experiences for a variety of markets.

General Manager, Lyn Wilksch said the business is dedicated to growing leaders in hospitality and supporting the local community.

“The Renmark Club welcomes family participation and continues to be actively involved in all major community events and investments,” Lyn said.

Most recently, the Club showed its support for a local primary school after having received a letter from one of its year four students highlighting the importance of sustainable practices.

As a result, the business changed its plastic straws to eco-straws, plastic cutlery to bamboo cutlery and foam takeaway containers to bio-cane.

“We’ve replaced plastic straws with polylactic acid ones, which are compostable and biodegradable, and no one even noticed,” she said.

“Our bio-cane containers made from sugarcane pulp, a by-product of the sugar refining industry, were a great replacement from our foam containers, and they’re even microwave and oven safe.”

Following its recent switch to environmentally friendly products, the business is now in the process of installing a Tesla Destination Charging Wall.

Lyn says the Club relishes the opportunity to welcome thousands of visitors each year and has implemented a variety of strategies to ensure the delivery of excellence.

First and foremost, a positive workplace culture and customer focus is key. Staff have multicultural awareness and a variety of options are available on the menu to cater to differing customer needs.

“Our customers are our friends, service providers, leaders and elders, and we engage with and greet customers by name. Our service results in repeat visitation,” said Lyn.

A stable management structure with a clear strategic plan in place has also helped the business be financially viable.

“The Renmark Club has a very progressive board and plans are in place for more redevelopment over the next two to five years,” she said.

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