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Camps & Adventure Accreditation
Camp & Adventure Accreditation is designed to ensure that residential camping and outdoor experiences are able to be conducted in a manner that is safe for staff and participants.

The variety of residential camps and outdoor experiences ensures that different groups – large or small, children or adult, school, special interest, community – can enjoy diverse experiences. Accreditation recognises this diversity and ensures that regardless of the type of experience your safety has been considered as paramount.

Business Requirements
  • Compliance with both business and industry specific regulations.
  • Adherence to industry sector standards and codes of practice.
  • Risk management procedures and training.
  • Business and Marketing Plans.
  • Human resource management policy and procedures.
  • Customer service policy and procedures.
  • Environmental management policies and procedures.
  • Specialised activity policies and procedures.
  • Vehicle operations policies and procedures.
Camp & Adventure Activity Accreditation addresses many of the issues that are covered in the development of a business operating plan, with a focus on the key elements that are part of the day-to-day running of a camp & adventure activity.

The Camp & Adventure Program forms part of the Quality Tourism Framework (QTF).Β QTF combines Tourism Accreditation, Star Ratings and the Australian Tourism Awards programs into a single pathway for business development.Β