New Modelling Could Grow SA’s Share of the Tourism Spend by $1 Billion a Year. 

Industry analysis by South Australia’s peak tourism body, the Tourism Industry Council South Australia (TiCSA), has unveiled the potential for the State’s share of the tourism spend to grow by nearly a $1 billion a year.

South Australia’s market share of expenditure from visitors has been declining on a national basis over several years, with the Council’s modelling suggesting the potential for an additional $943 million a year and 5400 extra jobs.

In 2018/19, South Australia claimed only $3.50 of every hundred dollars international tourists spent in Australia.

TiCSA Chief Executive Officer Shaun de Bruyn said lifting South Australia’s share of both foreign and domestic travellers to former highs could increase revenue from $7.6 to around $8.6 billion.

“It requires collaborative and co-ordinated investment from government to support the strong investment industry is making,” he said.

“Product development and marketing are the key areas for spending.

“The industry is being relied upon more and more to market the State to drive increased expenditure and visitation, and it is not sustainable.

“We encourage the government to further invest to actively pursue it as a critical to their three per cent growth target.”

TiCSA is also advocating for a sub-committee of cabinet to drive the visitor economy.

“As an export industry with over 99.8 per cent of businesses being small to medium-sized enterprises, government co-investment needs to be integrated across government departments,” Shaun said.

Photo: Innamincka River Cruise, SA Tourism Commission