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Tourism Awards / How to Nominate


The South Australian Tourism Awards is an online submission and site visit based program for all tourism businesses in South Australia.

Note: prior to submitting your nomination, please ensure you have thoroughly read and will adhere to the Rules for Entry.

Nomination fees are $190 (incl. GST) for TiCSA members and $290 (incl. GST) for non-members.

All nominations must be submitted via the Quality Tourism Framework (QTF) online portal by the category dates outlined below.

If you have not accessed the QTF portal before, please register and follow the prompts for this account set up. Once your login has been approved, return to the QTF portal and click through to Tourism Awards and Nominate Now.


  • The nomination collects specific contact information, category selection and agreement to the awards terms and conditions.
  • The contact information you provide at this nomination stage will be the email that receives all communications about your submission throughout the awards process.

If there is a change of contact details for the person responsible for writing and submitting the entry, please notify TiCSA so this can be updated.


  • Monday, 15 March – Nominations open
  • March 15 – 11 August – View an award-winning submission
    Register here >
  • Monday, 21 June – Nominations close
  • Tuesday, 29 June – How to enter workshop (will be live streamed & recorded)
    Register here >
  • Monday, 12 July – Ask the experts sessions (in-person or via phone)
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  • Wednesday, 21 July – Draft submissions due
  • Wednesday, 18 August – Submissions due (categories 1 – 26)
  • Wednesday, 15 September – Submissions due (categories 27 & 28)
  • Friday, 5 November – Gala dinner


The following information provides an overview of changes made for 2021.

Qualifying Period

The qualifying period is extended from 1 July 2019 to 30 June 2021. The exception to the rule applies to New Tourism Business.

New businesses that commenced operations between 1 July 2019 – 30 July 2020 can choose to enter either New Tourism Business OR an alternate category. For those that commenced operations between 1 July 2020 – 30 June 2021 they are only eligible to enter into New Tourism Business.


As a part of the review for 2021, the participation in various categories were examined and the following changes were determined to more adequately reflect the entrants to the category:

  • ‘Specialised Tourism Services’ has been renamed ‘Tourism Retail & Hire Services’
  • ‘Destination Marketing’ has been renamed ‘Tourism Marketing & Campaigns’
  • ‘Standard Accommodation’ has been renamed ‘3 – 3.5 Star Accommodation’
  • ‘Deluxe Accommodation’ has been renamed ‘4 – 4.5 Deluxe Star Accommodation’
  • ‘Luxury Accommodation’ has been renamed ‘5 Star Luxury Accommodation’

Click here to view the full category list.


Businesses can choose what they want to focus on – strategies implemented to attract or grow and/or strategies implemented as a part of their recovery and resilience to COVID-19. Therefore, the existing questions have been amended to enable a response from the business which is relevant to them.

Whilst Responsible Tourism is an incredibly important part of any business, the challenges faced by many during the qualifying period make it difficult to respond to this question, though at no fault of their own. So, rather than disadvantage businesses, the Responsible Tourism section has been temporarily suspended for the 2021 program.

The businesses innovation/excellence in social/economic/environmental/ethical tourism can form part of their response to the Business Development question.

Most categories* have a revised question set which focuses on five key areas:

COVID-19 Impacts (0 marks)

  1. Introduction (20 marks)
  2. Business Development (20 marks)
  3. Marketing (20 marks)
  4. Customer Experience (10 marks)

*Note: the following categories have an updated set of questions that are specific to the individual category:

  • Major Festivals & Events
  • Festivals & Events
  • Ecotourism
  • Cultural Tourism
  • Aboriginal & Torres Strait Island Tourism
  • Tourism Marketing & Campaigns
  • New Tourism Business
Word Count

Having temporarily suspended the Responsible Tourism question, the 2021 program will also temporarily reduce the word count for most categories excluding 25, 26 & 28 to 8,000 words.


Each submission will be scored on the following elements:

  1. Written submission = 70%
  2. Online Review = 10% (see below)
  3. Consumer Rating 20%* (excluding some categories, see below)
Online Review

Prior to the Site Verification Visit each judge will assess the entrant’s online activities including;

  1. The entrant’s website
  2. The entrant’s social media channels
  3. The entrants search engine optimisation
  4. The entrants external listing sources
  • A copy of the Online Review questions are available here.
  • The online review will account for 10% of the total score available.
  • Scoring of the online review will occur at the State/Territory level only.
ReviewPro & Consumer Rating

Awards nominees will now have access to a complimentary ReviewPro account, via the Quality Tourism Framework dashboard for the duration of the program. Upon nomination, TiCSA will ensure your free account is activated and will be ready to access within 1 – 2 weeks.

A consumer rating score will form part of an entrant’s overall score, which will be captured via ReviewPro over the entire qualifying period. Please see below for more information.

Consumer Rating

A consumer rating score will account for 20% of the total score available, with some exceptions*. The consumer rating will be derived from the GRI (average score of all online reviews) provided by ReviewPro.

Note: *A consumer rating will not apply to the following categories:

  • Major Festivals & Events
  • Festivals & Events
  • Ecotourism
  • Cultural Tourism
  • Aboriginal & Torres Strait Island Tourism
  • Business Event Venues
  • Tourism Marketing & Campaigns
  • New Tourism Business

For those categories where there is a mix of products included, then the consumer rating value will be 5%. This includes:

  • Tourism Retail & Hire Services
  • Excellence in Food Tourism

A minimum of 25 reviews must have been received over the qualifying period across the 175+ online review sites that ReviewPro captures from in order to receive a GRI score.

Businesses that do not have a GRI will receive a score of 0 for the consumer rating score.

Judges Choice

Judges Choice

A Judges Choice award has been introduced in 2021 which recognises a finalist that the judges believe showed great resilience in what has been a difficult time.

The winner of the judge’s choice will not progress to nationals. There will be a separate Judges Choice awarded at the nationals that will be determined from list of National finalists from categories 1 – 25 of the national program.