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COVID Vaxx Practicing Business

The COVID Vaxx Practicing Business program has been developed for businesses who want to communicate to both customers and staff that they have initiated policies and procedures regarding vaccinations within their workplace.

The COVID Vaxx Practicing Business module is a simple tool that can be completed within 15 minutes which businesses can use to strengthen their COVID safe practices and to encourage consumer confidence.

Once completed, the business will receive the licensed trademark and a certificate of completion acknowledging their business as COVID Vaxx Practicing.

Registration is free for Quality Tourism Accredited Businesses.

COVID-19 Clean & WTTC

Module Components:

  • A commitment from the business that they have polices in place regarding vaccinated staff and customers.
  • A sample vaccination policy, including booking terms and conditions, designed for SMEs that a business may elect to use.

COVID-19 Clean Module

The COVID-19 Clean Practicing Business Module forms part of the Quality Tourism Framework (QTF). QTF combines Tourism Accreditation, Star Ratings and the Australian Tourism Awards programs into a single pathway for business development. 

COVID Clean is designed to provide businesses with the information and systems to develop COVID-19 cleaning procedures and provide assurance to visitors that these steps are being taken.

The module differs slightly from other training programs as its primary focus is not on individual certification, but rather the accreditation of the entire business itself as a COVID-19 Clean Practicing Business.

COVID Clean is now being recognised through the World Tourism & Travel Councils Safe Travels stamp. This stamp is global recognition of enhanced health and safety measures, in line with the WTTC Global Safe Travels protocols. We believe that it will support our industry in the re-opening of international travel.

Registration is free for Quality Tourism Accredited Businesses.

COVID-19 Clean & WTTC

Module Components:

  • Staff training;
  • Cleaning/hygiene materials;
  • How to clean guide;
  • Daily/weekly/monthly/annual checklist; and
  • Risk Register


Upon completion of the module, the business receives customised daily, weekly, monthly and annual cleaning checklists for immediate use.

In addition, the operator will create a COVID-19 Risk Register specific to their business and operation. This register aids to support the operator in understanding how they can minimise COVID-19 associated risks. Click here to view a template of this Risk Register developed by Safe Work Australia.

Once completed, businesses receive a certificate of completion and the COVID-19 Clean logo to drive consumer confidence and provide reassurance to visitors. This logo is also shown on the businesses Trust the Tick listing next to their Quality Tourism Accredited Business logo.

The program also provides further resources to support staff training including workplace signage and posters.

For further information, contact TiCSA on (08) 8110 0123 or email