By Christina Seeliger, General Manager, Adelaide Japan Desk / AmazeTour / Tranquil Travel Australia

Australia, being a small consumer market, unfortunately means it takes time for new technology to become available.

I am always interested in electronics and technology. I love gadgets and could spend a whole day wandering through electronic or technology stores looking for new ideas and the latest gadgets when I travelled in Asia.

I used to experience technical issues at various venues all the time (i.e. laptop does not talk to projector, wrong cord, wrong connector, etc.), especially at smaller venues which do not provide the latest equipment or have limited access. (i.e. tradeshow venue, meeting clients at their office, restaurants, etc).

Since 2014, I have had a habit of packing my ‘gadgets’ in my backpack whenever I know I have a meeting or presentation to give to a small group of people (less than 40 people).

I normally pre-load what I may need via iCloud drive on Keynote (for PowerPoint), Pages (for Word documents) or iMovie (for videos), which allows me to access via iPhone or iPad. I always test run my gadgets to ensure they all work.

With my ‘gadgets’ on hand, I can easily perform a presentation anywhere and anytime without restriction. I simply request a private room, blank white wall and either no window or a curtain so that I can dim the room. There is no doubt having my own gadgets is very handy, here is a list of my favourites.

Laser Projectors

I avoid the hassle of manual focus adjustment by using these simple laser projectors. You can share content anytime and anywhere with dual wireless or simple HDMI interfaces. These devices offer bright colours and an always in-focus HD picture.

Products below: PicoPro Laser Projector (left) and Smart Beam Laser Projector (right).

Karaoke Microphone Speaker

When there is no microphone and PA system available, I use my own wireless karaoke microphone. It can also be used for tour guiding and entertainment purposes. I simply connect it to my smartphone or iPad via Bluetooth, with a karaoke app already installed.

Product below: K Hero Pro Portable Karaoke Microphone.

Other handy gadgets:

  • A tripod for the pocket projector
  • Special adaptors, cords or connectors
  • Power bank (in case no power supply or the extension cord is not long enough)
  • Pocket Wi-Fi (in case no Wi-Fi is available)
  • Pocket speaker(s).

These gadgets are available online or at your local electronics store.