Deck the Halls with Digital Holly

By Steve Davis, Marketing Communication Consultant, Talked About Marketing

When rooms and tours are full, or close to full, over a high season like Christmas / New Year, it’s tempting to take the foot off the marketing pedal.

You’re busy. I get that.

But while there might be very little inventory left to sell, there’s an opportunity to tap into the festive spirit to create extra special experiences that are ‘worth talking about’ that could give you the gift of extra word-of-mouth joy.

The trick is to find some little actions that will delight your customers and spread some extra cheer, while staying in line with your brand values.

Here are some simple Christmas ideas in the key of fun. Please remember that the real value of these ideas’ rests not only in any transactions they might create but in the conversation they might inspire.

With that in mind, here’s some idea starters, from the free, quick and simple, to the slightly more involved:

  • Add some holly or other Christmas icons to your social media profile pictures, if you use your logo.
  • If you sell tours or items online, create a special Christmas-themed landing page with just the Christmas specials or deals on it.
  • If you sell items online and use promotional coupons, off the code ‘NAUGHTY’ for 5% discount or ‘NICE’ for 10% discount or provide a different bonus gift linked to those code words.
  • If you’re a game restaurant, create a special venison dish renamed as reindeer or ‘Rudolph Rare’.
  • Accommodation providers could rename one room as the ‘Santa Suite’ with a special offering.
  • Talk to a local, quality bakery (e.g. Kytons that produces award-wining, single-serve Christmas puddings), and provide one per room for guests to ‘leave out for Santa and his reindeer’.
  • Produce a useful page on your website with what is really open in your area over the public holidays throughout the Christmas / New Year period.

The secret to making these ideas work is to make sure they match the interests or needs of your ideal customers, don’t cost much (if anything), but truly add a smile or sense of unexpected delight.

And if you have anybody on staff who likes writing, you might also consider rewriting some aspects of your website or menus or social media profiles in the style of Christmas carols, just like this sample paragraph from an internal memo:

‘Twas the week before Christmas
And here in our place
Every guest was adorned
With a smile on their face

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!