By Scott White, Managing Director, Creative Serum

Does your website get along with your business strategy?

Have they even met?


For the last ten years clients have been coming to us saying the same things:

“We need to build a website…”

“We need you to fix our existing website…”

“We want our website to load faster, work better on mobile, look better…” and so on…

But when we ask them why they need a website, and what they want it to do, it’s difficult for them to answer.

This is surprising, because your website should be a key part of your business strategy. A good website is the shopfront that never closes, the sales person that never sleeps and, in many cases, the first impression your prospective customers will have of your business.

So just building, fixing, or improving loading speed is wasting a critical opportunity to use your website for business growth.


Build your website on objectives and strategy

When building or rebuilding a website, the first thing you should work out is what you want it to do for your business. It’s easy to say you want more leads, more sales, more downloads, or more subscriptions, but to measure your return on investment, you need specific, measurable objectives for your website that align with your business strategy.

Then you need to think about the marketing strategy needed to achieve these objectives. A one size fits all approach never works – industries are different, markets are different, customers are different, and you’re different to your competitors.

To plan this marketing strategy, start with your target market ­– take the time to understand them and the value you bring to them through your business. Then make that value the focus of your core message, your design, your content, your call to action, and your entire sales and service process.

Make your website grow your business

Websites that are successful aren’t that way by accident. People invest time, effort and money to create something aligned with their business strategy and goals, but the return on investment is nearly always worth it.

Of course, it’s important how a website is built. It must be mobile friendly, Google friendly, human friendly and well designed, but it’s a given that any experienced web developer should do this.

However, knowing why a website is built and building a solution to meet that why, is what will really put you on the road to online success.

You invest time and effort into your staff and business assets for the return they give you on that investment. So why aren’t you doing the same for your website?

Your website should be a key part of your business strategy. Failing to do so may result in a critical opportunity for business growth being wasted.

Creative Serum was recently appointed by TiCSA to build a user and mobile friendly website in line with its fresh re-branding. At Creative Serum, we don’t just build websites – we build an integral part of the business strategy to help businesses grow.