The International Visitor Survey (IVS) results for the year ending March 2019 show that South Australia recorded a decline in visitor expenditure for a second quarter. 

International expenditure was down 7 per cent to $1,088 million, while the national average was up 6 per cent. 

TiCSA has been actively advocating for increased government support, with one of our key priorities being additional funding for the South Australian Tourism Commission (SATC) to undertake its global marketing activities.

Yesterday the 2019/20 State Budget was delivered by SA Treasurer Rob Lucas and it was revealed that the SATC will receive a $2.5 million reduction in funding towards driving demand than it did this financial year. 

Furthermore, there were no new funding commitments to support tourism business development programs. Considering that over 50 per cent of all tourism businesses are sole traders or mirco, this continues to be a critical area of need. 

At a time when we are seeing increased tourism funding across all state and territory governments, TiCSA will continue to reinforce the importance of ongoing government assistance in order to unlock the 2020 targets ($8 billion and 41,000 jobs) and those beyond.

Photo credit: South Australian Tourism Commission