Flamboyance Tours is a micro-business that began operation in January 2019 and delivers walking tours in the Adelaide CBD.

Owner Katina Vangopoulos says the business aims to cater to all kinds of travellers offering private tours, food tours and even premium Mandarin tours.

“Flamboyance Tours was inspired by a need to get a positive perception of Adelaide out to as many travellers as possible,” says Katina.

“There’s so much said about the regions of South Australia, but Adelaide is fast becoming a destination in its own right.

“I wanted to create tours that reflected this. I’ve also got a love for all things quirky, which I hope to incorporate into my tour itineraries.

“And Adelaide is just such a walkable city, why wouldn’t I want to spend every day exploring it with others?”

Having commenced Flamboyance Tours without a business background, Katina believes passion has been the driver behind her early success.

“It’s about delivering quality tours in a professional way, but also in a really fun way.

“Our goal is to ensure each customer walks away smiling,” she says.

Being a new business among the highly competitive tourism market, Katina considers marketing as instrumental in helping to spread the word.

“As a new tourism business, it is vital to market yourself as much as possible, while also taking the time to access what works and what doesn’t.

“I have also learned the hard way to utilise time efficiently and not organise anything majorly important in the second half of December or all of January. The world shuts down and it’s impossible.”

Looking ahead for the next ten years, Katina’s goal is to ensure Flamboyance Tours is recognised as ‘the thing to do in Adelaide’.

“I want to grow the business like any other- increasing numbers, expanding the number of tours and hiring staff.

“My long-term goal is for Flamboyance Tours to be the first stop for travellers wanting to explore the city of Adelaide.

“Flamboyance Tours will be accessible to all, but also cater to niche markets with a range of engaging and unique walking tours,” Katina says.

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